The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide: Wet Hair, Don’t Care – Part 2.

On October 26, 2015 by Bethany

DSCN1105Top-knots, man-buns – it’s a long-haired world out there y’all.

Whether you are lady like myself or a long-haired dude, if you’re going on a mission trip, chances are you’ve asked yourself:

“What will I do with all this hair?”


Side note: If you haven’t checked out my first post on this topic, click here and read it first. Once you’ve done that, come back and join us here for more ideas and styles for wet hair!

On mission trips, common courtesy is to take the shortest shower possible (5 minutes or less) and spend as little time in the bathroom as you can (10 minutes or less).  Some people call it the military shower or the navy shower. But the steps are simple: get wet, turn off water, lather, rinse, done. In most cases, on mission trips you are sharing showers with 5 or more people, so being aware of the time and quick in and out of the shower can be important.

So this may leave you scratching your head – if I have to get out of the bathroom in less than 5 minutes, how do I get ready and still feel good to go for the day?

That’s why I’m here – to give you some tips and tricks for how to style your just-out-of-the-shower hair! Did you know that wet hair is actually easier to style than dry hair? It’s true! And with the invention of YouTube, there are a ton of hairstyles out there that are simple to learn, easy to do without a mirror and look great. Here are my current favorite three styles for wet hair. Let’s jump right into it:


1. The Milk-Maid Braid:

Crown braid, top view

Crown braid, top view

Crown braid from the front

Crown braid from the front

The milk-maid, also known as a crown braid, is one of the most classic and effortless braids you can wear. It looks flattering on all facial structures and keeps your hair off your face, but looking beautiful!

How to: #1. braid your hair into two side simple plaits.

#2. Cross one braid over the top of your head and pin it behind your ear. (you can go back when you are done and hide the tail behind the second braid)

#3. Cross the other braid over the top of your head, laying just next to the braid you just laid down, almost on top of that braid. Pin it to your head, hiding the tail behind braid #1.


Here’s a how-to by the one and only Zoella on Youtube.

2. The Top-Knot:

DSCN1068I’m pretty sure if you are alive on this earth, you know what a top knot is. Even if you are a long-haired male, you probably have some experience with the top-knot. There are so many ways to do a top knot. But no matter the method you use, or if you like more of a rope-look or a bun-look – as long as you have these two things down, you’re good to go.

#1. It is secure. If you are out on the mission field, you are most likely going to be out serving, sweating and not wanting to deal with hair that is constantly falling. Whether it be elastics, clips or scrunchies, just remember to make it secure.

#2. It is comfortable. We all know the horrors of finishing the PERFECT top-knot (or hairstyle) and having like, 3 single strands that are messed up and pulling. It’s like little tiny bonfires on your scalp. Fix those asap, so you aren’t feeling them pull all day.


3. Pig-tails:

Fish-tail pig-tails

Believe it or not, pigtails are coming back in style (the worst name for a hairstyle, ever). All you need is to learn a few tricks to modernize the old classic.

Amp up the old-style by:

1. trying a new braid style – dutch, french or fishtails braids

2. fan out the braids to make them more “messy” and modern

3. try a more simple, non-braided style with lots of volume at the roots

Take a bit and watch Kaley’s video with 10 different pig-tail styles and try them out!

A few extra videos for you:

In the video below, Zoey shows a few different hairstyles, one of which, the braided weave, I do all the time in Haiti. It is great for more formal occasions, like church or weddings.

Here are some wonderful ideas for how to style SHORT wet hair.


Here are some great non-braided ideas:


And remember everyone:dolly



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Tips and tricks from Praying Pelican Missions lady missionaries on how to look good, feel good and take the pressure off of packing your suitcase for a new culture, climate and lifestyle. Our heart is to remove the anxiety and focus from timeless questions like: “What do I wear?” and give you a few times that we’ve learned throughout the years.  Ultimately, we pray that these posts would be a resource for you as you prepare for your trip.  We want to provide you with a few tools that can help you remain focused on what God is teaching you and doing around you during your time abroad, instead of the length of your shorts, the style of your still-wet hair or how much makeup is appropriate.  But of course, throughout it all, we must have fun in the process!

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