We’re back!

On July 27, 2017 by Bethany

Whoa. What. A. Summer.

It’s crazy to think that I’m sitting here at home, writing this post. Just yesterday we were packing and planning for a summer in Haiti!

We are back here in Arkansas for a little bit until we head north to Minnesota for meetings at the end of the month! And for now, we are just getting back into the swing of things with work and life here.

So much goodness was packed into our time in Haiti, I can’t even begin to fit it all into one blog post, so I won’t try ;).

But we’ll be posting recaps from all of our weeks in Haiti here in the next month or so. So stay tuned and be watching for those!

We are so thankful for everyone who followed along with our time in Haiti and also prayed for us and the kids as well!


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