Week 1: Mount Pisgah – Pastor Josue’s

On June 13, 2015 by Bethany

Week one of seven is done! (week two of being in Haiti)

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Eric and I had a great first week serving in the community of Bon Repos, Haiti with Mount Pisgah from Atlanta Georgia and Open Bible Church, led by Pastor Josue Gilbert.

Mt. Pisgah UMC

If I could sum up this week in one word, it would be – relationships… and willingness. Okay, can I have two words?

But let me back up a minute here. A little history about this team, a group of 40 high school students from Mount Pisgah in Atlanta came back for the 3rd year to continue their partnership with Pastor Josue and his church, school and orphanage. And this was also Eric’s third time to lead them! So it was an incredible joy to see old friends from the team again.

This team excels in relationship building. From the second they step off the bus on Saturday to the very last second before they have to get back on the bus on Friday to leave they are holding hands, hugging, laughing, crying or loving on someone. They are one of those teams who “get it” — they get the reason behind what we are doing here. They come to serve, but more than that, they come to love and learn.

“If you come this week and don’t share God’s love with someone, what was it worth?” -these wise words from their group leader, Colby, on the first night caught my attention. He began teaching and explaining the importance of the Gospel, sharing their hearts and giving their all during the week. WOW. I was blown away by his leadership. Normally, those are the exact topics Eric and I cover in our nightly meetings throughout the week, and here was Colby, doing it for us. I knew then this would be a special week.

Also, just to point out, their team never once complained. Seriously you guys, they took bucket showers most of the week due to water issues, and yet they did it with joy. Such an impressive group!

But yes, relationships. They were all about relationships.

Secondly was their willingness to serve. Willingness to serve in any capacity, any setting, for any amount of time, with their whole hearts.

I think the best example of this is a spontaneous ministry that happened, which we called “English Ministry.”

It began on Monday when some of our team was asked to play soccer in the community soccer field, just outside of the area we were all gathered for the afternoon. As they jumped on the opportunity to go and play soccer in the scorching heat of the day, little did they know that God had other plans.

A young man approached them and asked them to come to the school to help out in their English Class. It was a class of all ages, young and old, taught by a young man of 19 who had a rough handle on the language. Our group of 6 or so students and adults were willing to take advantage of the chance to help out.

As I heard them recount the class at our meeting Monday night, it was so evident their desire to serve and the impact that small time had made on their hearts. They told me about how the class was learning English through reading the Bible and that the team shared their testimonies as practice for the students to translate.


Willing to serve in all situations. Willing to go the extra mile. Willing to be open to what God has for you. Willing to listen to His voice. Willing to be brave. Willing to learn. Willing to love.

I am so thankful for the beautiful week we were able to spend together. Thank you all for your continued prayers, love and support… off to week number two!

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  • Bethany- our girls literally want to “be you” when they grow up, with your obvious unconditional love for all of His people! Dont think They wouldnt mind finding their own”prince Eric” either, with his obvious love for his bride and baby boy, laid back personally and cheesy jokes! Thanks for your understanding of our loud and energetic group and for sharing that beautiful baby! Praying for a continued blessed summer of ministry. Remember- You always have a place to stay here in Atlanta! Hope to see you both soon- God speed!

    His peace,
    Mama Jenny

    • Oh Jenny, how did I miss your comment? Silly website! This just made my week. Seriously. I love your team and your kids and your adults and everyone there. Thank you for being such a rock for them and exampling to them what it means to serve with your life. I think it would be my prayer for each of those girls to find their own “prince Eric” as well! haha!

      I can’t wait to see you again! All our love.

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