02nd Nov

The Ultimate Mission Trip Packing/Style Guide: 6 Travel Beauty Tips

People often ask me what I take with me when I travel in terms of makeup and beauty products, how I do my makeup while I’m in Haiti, to what extent do I suggest worrying with makeup while traveling and more! And I’m no expert – I simply watch a lot of beauty YouTube gurus […]

26th Oct

The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide: Wet Hair, Don’t Care – Part 2.

Top-knots, man-buns – it’s a long-haired world out there y’all. Whether you are lady like myself or a long-haired dude, if you’re going on a mission trip, chances are you’ve asked yourself: “What will I do with all this hair?”   Side note: If you haven’t checked out my first post on this topic, click here […]

03rd Oct
Bethany's Braid

The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide: Wet Hair, Don’t Care.

America, land of the hair dryer. I remember my first trip to Belize, I was full of questions.. “do I need to take a hair-dryer?” “will other girls dry their hair?” “wait, am I supposed to wear it wet?” The answers are: no, not if they are smart, and yes.  I will be one of […]