17th Sep

Food For Thought: Pittsburgh, Guest Post!

Hey friends! Today we have a guest post on our Food for Thought series, coming from a long-time friend/new full-time co-worker of ours, Jess Janicki. Full of passion about God’s calling upon her heart to serve her home city of Pittsburgh, a great lover of all things fit and healthy and just a general sweet […]

16th Sep

Food For Thought: But I’m Vegetarian?

Oh it’s you! My fellow “I eat a specific diet” friends! My Gluten Free friends. My Vegetarian and Vegan friends. My Diabetic friends. My Allergy-list-a-mile-long friends. I’ve not been vegetarian for long, just 5 years this March. When not pregnant, I also try to stay away from dairy and eggs (not quite vegan though). I have […]

05th Sep

Food for Thought – Haiti, Taste the Fruits

When starting to think through the realities of day to day life on a mission trip, one question you may be thinking is “What will I eat?” In this series, PPM’s Missions Coordinators and Full-time Missionaries want to offer you a little insight into the delicious international cuisine we get to eat on a day […]