14th Sep

So.. what do we do anyways?

After our presentation at Flatwoods last Sunday, it got me thinking:  while people may know that we are involved in mission work, many may not know exactly what we do.  Since the role we fill isn’t the same as a traditional missionary, this is totally understandable… So, what do we do? The main focus of […]

27th Aug

Update from Haitian Pastors

Many of you may be wondering how the churches in Haiti we partner with have been affected by the storm. Thankfully, we have made contact with many of our pastors and friends in Haiti.  I won’t go into detail on their situations, but you can find a comprehensive list of their reports on the PPM website. […]

27th Aug

A Lesson in Haitian Geography

Why all the worry about mudslides and flooding in Haiti? It’s all about the mountains….