18th Sep

Beckham Free’s Birth Story – 13 lbs 11oz Vaginal Delivery

Note: this birth story contains content surrounding a traumatic delivery, such as not breathing at birth… as well as normal delivery/birth story words like urine, placenta and sewn up – if any of those things make you uncomfortable, you might want to pass on this one. Click here to go straight to delivery day. —- […]

28th May

Rockwell King: Birth Story

Well, it finally happened, after 38 long weeks, we got to meet our third bundle of beautiful chaos, Rockwell King. I wanted to take a little time and write down our birth story, as I have done in the past with the boys – and share with you some of the beautiful photos Bella Baby […]

10th Dec

One Wilde Night – Atticus’ Birth Story

  “Well, I’d say a baby in the pants is the worst night.”  – slowest ER worker ever “There’s a good chance that tonight’s gonna be bad then!” – me — Before I can tell you the story of Friday, November 25th… I need to back up a few weeks. Back to a normal Tuesday […]

18th Oct

Our First Baby – Edison’s Birth Story

We never thought this day would come. Like, ever. — I have struggled with PCOS my whole life, and with so many ruptured cysts over the years, we thought I might have trouble getting pregnant. And well, we did. 5 years of marriage later and with no pregnancies in site, we had decided that maybe […]