Spring 2013 Haiti Trip Recap

On May 13, 2013 by Eric

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve last written, so I wanted to take some time to recap our last trip down to Haiti. While summer is our biggest season for leading mission trips, we always have a handful of teams that come and serve during Spring Break. This year, Bethany and I had the opportunity to work with four different groups, each serving in a different community. So, I’m going to give a quick rundown of each team with links to their trip journals and photo albums… Here we go!

Bethany, Eric, & Mule!


Our first week, Bethany worked with North Greenwood Baptist in the town of Jacmel alongside Pastor Duplessy, who pastors the MEBSH church in Jacmel. The team had a really busy week as they were involved with painting the school/church and finishing a stucco finish on the exterior, a door-to-door tree planting ministry, visiting an orphanage, and hosting community soccer matches.

Jacmel Group

(trip journal link) (photo album link)


While Bethany was working in Jacmel, I spent time with a team from Hattiesburg, MS that partnered with Faith-Hope-Love Infant Rescue. The group spent only a few days in Haiti working, but was very productive in that time. Some of the projects included constructing a new laundry area, painting and decorating a new room for the girls in the home, a ton of organizing and cleaning, and some general plumbing and electrical repairs. It was a huge blessing for the children and workers there!

Faith-Hope-Love Group

(trip journal link) (photo album link)


After a few days off, Bethany and I worked together at Haiti Christian Orphanage with a team of small groups and individuals from all over the place. This is the same orphanage that Bethany lived at for 4 months last year, so it was definitely a great week! Together, we spent the week hanging out with and loving on the kids at HCO, planting a garden on the property, doing a small bit of painting, and also working at a school in another nearby orphanage (Lifesaver Orphanage). As an added bonus, our good friend and neighbor Nathan Marlin got to come spend the week with us.. it was the best!

HCO Group

(trip journal link) (photo album link)


For our last week, we led a group made up of two church youth groups:  Broadus Baptist in Broadus, NC and Calvary Rathdrum in Rathdrum, ID. Together, they partnered with the MEBSH Church in Torbeck and had an amazing week working construction projects at the church and school, planting trees in the community, visiting a nearby orphanage and school, and playing sports with the kids in the afternoons. They were a great crew and are already making plans to return next year!

Torbeck Group

(trip journal link #1) (trip journal link #2)
(photo album link)


So, that wraps up our spring trips. We are home for now, but already looking ahead to leaving for the summer in a couple of weeks. Please be in prayer for us as we travel and lead the teams that are coming to serve in Haiti. And, as always, be looking for more updates!


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