So.. what do we do anyways?

On September 14, 2012 by Eric

After our presentation at Flatwoods last Sunday, it got me thinking:  while people may know that we are involved in mission work, many may not know exactly what we do.  Since the role we fill isn’t the same as a traditional missionary, this is totally understandable…

So, what do we do?

The main focus of our ministry is coordinating mission trips.  PPM offers short term mission trips for groups, large and small, to the USA and 8 foreign countries and it is our job to make sure those trips happen in a successful way.  But, before we can do that, we have to have teams that want to go on mission trips… so that’s a lot of what we’re doing right now — contacting pastors, youth pastors, and other mission minded people who are looking for a short term mission trip opportunity.

Once a group decides to go on a trip, the next part of our job is to handle the logistics of the trip (lodging, transportation, food, etc.), assist the group leaders with preparing their mission team, communicate with the foreign pastor to make sure the ministries are all set up, and be the bridge between cultures when the team arrives to serve in the foreign country… and that’s all before any ministry even happens!

Some of you reading this who have put together a mission trip understand how much work that can be!  And that’s really part of the reason we’re here.. to take away the stress of planning logistics so the teams can focus on their ministries and forming relationships with the church they are partnering with.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what we do.  And, along with all of that, we get the opportunity to join our teams in doing some amazing ministries in places all over the world.

If you’d like Bethany and I to come share what’s going on in our ministry with your church or some other group, please let us know.. we’d love the opportunity!


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