11th Mar

5 Minutes of My Day: Dancing Mama

When the house mothers danced their way into the middle of our circle and led us in worship, we danced until we couldn’t any longer. In sweet unity we breathed in the fullness of Christ and grasped tightly to the moment, so full of life.

07th Mar

Wife, Missionary, Blogger…. Mom?

Well friends, you heard it here first. We’re having a baby! We are, indeed, expecting a little one on October 5th, 2014! That’s right, my birthday! We’ve had so much fun over the past 2+ weeks telling all of our immediate family the news and getting to watch their expressions and excitement. Since this pregnancy […]

06th Mar

5 Minutes of My Day: Plants in the Air

The church is hopping, quite literally. I see the orphanage kids begin dancing in their pews, itching to get out into the aisle. The worship leader calls us to “dance for the King, unashamedly in His name!” Everyone shouts praises to the Lord, dancing and rejoicing in laughter. We are fools for Christ.

27th Feb

The Truth Burden – Post-Mission Responsibility

But what will those back home learn from my time gone? Only what I tell them. What will my parents think of Haiti? Only what they hear from me. They trust me, they know me, they’ll take my word for it.

The point being, for you and your mission team, it’s incredibly imperative that you are prepared for the transition back home. Coming home is where the work begins.

19th Feb

5 Minutes of My Day: Different Colors, One People

He tells me, “your skin is not like mine. It is white, mine is black. But we are the same. You cut me? I bleed red. I cut you? You bleed the same.

17th Feb

The Secret to Giving Great Gifts – A Spin of The Globe

I kept that fabulous bouquet alive as long as could, carefully toting it from Sosua to Santiago to Santo Domingo… It was an extravagant demonstration of love and goodwill that was utterly useless beyond the ability to bring beauty into my room and my heart. It was unexpected and freely given. It made me rich.

14th Feb

Guest Post: Hi, My Name Is Brittni.

Flying over the beautiful Haitian mountains, as the plane ascended, all I could think of was, “When will God call me back? This place has taken a little bit of my heart and it kinda feels like my heart is breaking up with someone.”

10th Feb

6 Things I’ve Learned on Family

In between worlds is where my life exists as a Mission Coordinator. Between Haiti and Arkansas, to be exact. Between kompa and folk music. Between big city and small town. Between moderation and consumerism. It’s an everyday balancing act of life.

06th Feb

The Belize I Know – A Spin of the Globe

Belize is so much more beautiful than a sunset over the Caribbean or the mist that hovers over the Maya Mountains in the morning. Its beauty is hidden just below the surface in the people who live there – the people who welcome you, love you, and change you. I urge you today – please go experience the true beauty of Belize.

29th Jan
Wrecked: When A Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life, by Jeff Goins

Book Review: Wrecked, by Jeff Goins

Have you been there? Have you ever seen pain without explanation? Hope amidst despair? Redemption in spite of tragedy? Maybe you’ve had experiences where you’ve been moved by compassion to help someone in need, only to realize after helping that you feel a little worse than before? Then chances are, you’ve probably been wrecked. What […]

28th Jan

Motherhood, Don’t Overthink It.

The rest of us non-moms can see you without the blinders of this pressure filled and opinionated society. So can your kids.

23rd Jan

Full-Time Student.. It’s a Mission Field.

When we live the life that Christ lived, people notice that our way of life is set apart from the world.

So if you missed the opportunity yesterday, try to take advantage of it today.