04th Sep
CityReach 2015

Week 4 – CityReach in Wisconsin

Our summer has wrapped up by now, but that doesn’t mean we have slowed down any! We’re finally home for long enough to feel like we can catch our breath, which means we have the time to complete our week-by-week overview of our summer of ministry. What that.. on to week four! Serving by serving, […]

14th Jul

Week 3 – Meadowview, Mathiston and Crosspoint – Pastor Valcourt

For our third week of ministry this summer, we had the chance to serve with Pastor Valcourt in Mariani with 3 teams: Meadowview Baptist Church from MS Mathiston Baptist Church from MS Crosspoint Fellowship from TX So wow – what a busy, productive week! Our ministries were: Construction, helping put windows in at the church, […]

07th Jul

5 Minutes of my Day: 9 Months is a Life

  “Chale a cho”. ([Even] the heat is hot) My phrase for the day rolls off my tongue to the kids at the orphanage. They laugh at me, as they play football in long-sleeve hand-me-down sweaters. It’s moments like this that I love…I get to just be fully present in the moment, these slow-paced, beauty-filled moments. […]

25th Jun

Week 2: Compass – Pastor Elbarre

Our second week of trips was a special one, to say the least. If you want to take a moment and read the trip journal  – go here! First off – my mom came down for her first trip!!   This in and of itself was such a huge thing for us. Not only did […]

23rd Jun

Wait, You Take Your Baby Where?

“I can’t resent this baby.” – these are the words I said to Eric in late night confidence after I found out I was pregnant. Most women say that sentence as they process and “grieve” the passing of their old life and acceptance of their new life as a mother. But for me, that sentence […]

13th Jun
Mt. Pisgah UMC

Week 1: Mount Pisgah – Pastor Josue’s

Week one of seven is done! (week two of being in Haiti) Read our trip journal here Eric and I had a great first week serving in the community of Bon Repos, Haiti with Mount Pisgah from Atlanta Georgia and Open Bible Church, led by Pastor Josue Gilbert. If I could sum up this week […]

08th Apr

Trip Recap: Our Savior’s Lutheran serving in Mariani, Haiti (3/26/15)

This past week, Bethany and I had the pleasure to spend another week in Mariani with the youth group from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (OSLC) in Naperville, IL. Though they have been coming to work in Mariani each year since 2011, last year was the first opportunity that Bethany and I had to lead their […]

27th Mar

I Have Never Like This

So little has changed since October. And yet, everything has. A floppy eared, full-lipped, chunky legged baby boy was brought into this world on October 6th, 2014. After a lot of hard work and pain and literal blood, sweat and tears – he was here. He is here. Oh my word he is here. In […]

20th Mar

5 Minutes of My Day: Evan

I’m here in Miami for our first day of ministry. The team is hustling about, Liz is running around, ensuring everything is flowing well.. and things are kicking into gear for a big week of VBS ministry at the church. I’m a floater, here to help wherever. I find myself being pulled into the largest […]

29th Jan

5 Minutes of My Day: Barriers of the Heart

Eric and I are sitting in the car at the airport. We’re in the middle of our trip-leading season, mid June. It’s hot, humid and the country is full-to-the-brim with people, missionaries, relatives visiting, tourists and adventurers alike. The airport is a mess, people walking on top of one another it’s so packed. We are […]

27th Jan

The Daily Grind – A mini-post update

Hello again world! It’s been tooooo long! Like, 3 months too long. For the past three and a half months, my life has consisted of diaper changes, failed attempts at normal hygiene and lots and lots of baby cheek kisses. Edison is the best thing ever. His little heart and hands and smile fills our home […]

18th Dec

A Plea to Already-Moms Everywhere

***At 32 weeks pregnant, I wrote out this blog post one morning. Exhausted and frustrated, the tears ran from my eyes as I furiously left my heart in the words I typed. Spurred into action by yet another ridiculous comment from a stranger at the store about how awful parenthood is… and tired of hearing […]