07th Jan

Week 8 – FBC Longbeach and New Life Community – Pastor Clement and Pastor Valcourt

So wow, sorry for the long pause in these recaps! We just got back from Haiti for Christmas and I am lagging behind on wrapping these up – but no fear, I will complete them today! 🙂 Our final week of the summer was a hectic one! We had some changes happen in staffing due […]

12th Nov

5 Minutes of my Day/Night: Bugs and Belugas

“If you had to eat a bug – what bug would you choose to eat?” – I ask. “Eww! Betani, I don’t eat bugs!” “Bugs are nutritious!” “No, they are dirty and can make you sick!” “I would eat an ant, because it’s so small I wouldn’t even taste it!” It’s late at night and […]

10th Nov

15 Tips for Flying with an Infant

Before the flight: “Oh great, she’s got a baby on board.” After the flight: “Oh wow, I didn’t even know you had him on board!” Our little guy was on 18 flights in his first year of life and believe it or not, he didn’t have a single bad flight *knock-on-all-the-wood*. I think, like with […]

03rd Nov

Week 7 – Longbeach, New Beginnings, Alpha Gamma – Pastor Clement & Sister Mona

Week 7, we were back at it. We had three returning teams coming back to serve, and this year they got to serve together, on one trip.   Alpha Gamma Delta from Alabama New Beginnings from Oklahoma FBC Longbeach from Mississippi This week was cram-packed full of goodness and ministry. We partnered throughout the week […]

02nd Nov

The Ultimate Mission Trip Packing/Style Guide: 6 Travel Beauty Tips

People often ask me what I take with me when I travel in terms of makeup and beauty products, how I do my makeup while I’m in Haiti, to what extent do I suggest worrying with makeup while traveling and more! And I’m no expert – I simply watch a lot of beauty YouTube gurus […]

26th Oct

The Ultimate Mission Trip Style Guide: Wet Hair, Don’t Care – Part 2.

Top-knots, man-buns – it’s a long-haired world out there y’all. Whether you are lady like myself or a long-haired dude, if you’re going on a mission trip, chances are you’ve asked yourself: “What will I do with all this hair?”   Side note: If you haven’t checked out my first post on this topic, click here […]

13th Oct

Liar Liar: Summer Highlights 2015

Here we are again, taking the time to truly answer the age old question “How was your summer?” with a highlight recap! Bethany: For me this summer was full of so many good moments. Since a lot of our teams we led were returning teams, we saw a lot of familiar faces – and a […]

06th Oct

Week 5 and 6 – a simple photo blog

For the next two weeks, we had so much happen, but didn’t have any teams. We did a lot of traveling, prepping, visiting other teams in country and gearing up for our last trips of the season! Oh, and Edison learned to walk! Here’s some pictures from that time.   -Bethany

23rd Sep

5 Minutes of My Day: Picking Thorns

We have just arrived in Haiti and we’ve booked it to Manze Marie, a mountainside village just outside of the city of Jacmel. We’ve just spent the past 45 minutes driving one of the roughest (if not the roughest) road I’ve ever driven. But now, here I am, standing at the church, overlooking the beautiful […]

16th Sep

We Are(n’t) the Perfect Family

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, professional pictures, blog posts – to the social media world, and maybe to you, my family may look perfect. I get encouraging, genuine, loving comments day to day about how beautiful Edison is, or our family is, etc. And it means so much to me. It is so incredibly kind and lifts […]

14th Sep

Bordeless T-Shirts — Round 2!

Borderless. It can mean a lot of things. Maybe it’s a reflection of your heart to reach the nations and share the love of Christ throughout the world. Maybe it’s a picture of God’s grace and forgiveness and how it goes beyond who you are and where you’re from. Maybe you’re tired of lines being drawn in […]

10th Sep

Storytellers – Guest Blog: Experiencing culture shock in my own culture

Some of our partners-in-crime in Haiti are our good friends Almando and Cassie Jean-Louis. Living and working full-time in Haiti, they are our on-the-ground ministry coordinators for the country. They are raising their two beautiful children in their home-town of Gressier and living life to the fullest. I first met Almando on January 7th, 2012. […]