Orphan Awareness Month – Giveaway!

On November 13, 2012 by Bethany

Edit: This post is from 2012 and is a little out-dated.. we have a new initiative for Orphan Awareness Month 2013, along with a series of guest posts by adoptive mothers. Enjoy!


It’s our first give-away friends! Everyone knows a good blog needs a giveaway every once in a while! So here it goes!

Did you know it is Orphan Awareness Month? There are many estimations on how many orphans there are worldwide, with the newest numbers reporting over 160 million. That’s a lot of children without parents. Let that number sink in.


Eric and I are blessed to work within multiple orphanages with our job. The Lord has blessed us immensely in this area, allowing us to play a vital role in the future of so many young ones. I love the relationships I have in Haiti with the boys at HCO, the children at Life is Hope and all the other kids there. They bring such joy to my life and it pains me to think of the great loss they’ve experienced in their short little lives. This is the first year we have been involved in Orphan Awareness Month. We have supported children in China, Phillipines and India through various organizations through the years, but we have never given extra during the month of November.

This year we bought shirts from sevenly.org. They have a new mission each week to raise funds for. The proceeds of our shirts went to help a child gain adoptable status. This happens when a child may still have parents that are living, but are not capable of raising them. In Haiti, this happens often and the rights of the parents must be overruled before the child can become adoptable. It is an extremely expensive process and 90% of the time, is never completed.

Check out the cool shirts and cause for this week:  sevenly.org

We want to encourage you to get involved and one of the best ways to get involved is by talking! Whatever your plans, we want to hear them. In the comment box below, answer the following questions. We will choose a response at random. You will recieve the book “The Anxious Christian” by Rhett Smith.

Have you been involved in some way during the past for Orphan Awareness Month?

How are you going to be involved in OAM for 2012? Fast and pray for a few meals? Have a night of prayer with your family? Donate your time at an Orphanage? Give financially to a family in the adoption process? Pray about adoption yourself?

So get involved and let us know what you are doing at your home. Will you respond this month? Don’t Orphans all across the world become just another number.




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