It’s Orphan Awareness Month!

On November 4, 2013 by Bethany


Did you know that the month of November is Orphan Awareness Month?

Like every year, we love to use this month to step back and see how we as a couple are contributing to the orphan aide across the world. Living in the age of computers and technology, it’s super easy to support a child in a third world country, find childrens homes in need of volunteers or begin the paperwork to become a foster family.


Within our job at PPM, we are heavily involved in orphanage partnerships in Haiti. For me, it is my platform and at the center of my heart. These partnerships are about the pastors, pastor’s family, children and community. However, our goal in Haiti is to no longer need orphanages altogether. This month we want to equip you, our readers, with avenues to aide in the orphan crisis in the world, Haiti, America and Arkansas.

For Christ didn’t suggest we take care of orphans, he commands us.

Get Involved

  • In Haiti – please give to Life is Hope orphanage through our website at for uniforms. The children are in need of uniforms to go to school. Without these uniforms, the school cannot proceed as planned and be seen as legitimate by the Haitian government.
  • In America – would you consider donating to Jacob and Anna? They are two of our newest PPM co-workers, and are in the final stages of bringing home their son from Belize. Not only are they adopting, they have just stepped out in faith and taken positions as Missions Coordinators, meaning they must fundraise the majority of their salary as a family. You can visit their support page to make a donation toward their adoption.
  • In Arkansas – we want to support a local Christian foster care organization: The CALL. As a response to the lack of foster and respite care homes for the over 7000 foster children in Arkansas,  The CALL exists to educate, equip, and encourage Christian families to meet the needs of these foster children. to help fund this awesome ministry you can send a check to us, or donate online on The CALL’s website.

Follow Along

To paint a better picture of the joys and difficulties of adoption, we have asked several friends with experience in adoption to share their stories. Follow along in November as we have some of the most amazing adoptive mothers guest post for us. Hear their stories and be inspired.

The first post of the series shares an adoption story from a local friend whose family has adopted children both locally and internationally. Read her story, and share some encouragement!


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