A Pregnancy Post – with pictures!

On September 26, 2014 by Bethany

I’ve had so many of you lovely folks requesting photos of our nursery and for some reason, my huge belly as well.. 😉 It makes me so happy to know that so many friends and family already love little Glass and want to follow along in his life journey.

While the nursery has been all but finished (we’re thinking about switching out the color of the curtains) for 3 weeks or so, it seems as though some people think I’m nuts to have a completed nursery before 35 weeks. Yes, I understand Edison won’t be sleeping in the nursery for a while. Yes, I understand you “don’t need everything right away” and yes, I get it that you can “buy as you go.” And finally, yes, I do know that no child remembers their nursery, so decorations and the like are more for mom than baby. Oh well, I’m a planner and a decorator – always have been. Nesting, organizing and decorating are like my love languages.

And while I know there are going to be a ton of things that will come up that we’ll need and that ultimately, parenting is something you CANNOT be prepared for, I do feel a little less crazy now that I have things (in my mind atleast) in order.

And it’s a good thing I finished everything early, our little (big) guy is measuring ahead and heavy! We are sitting at 38 weeks, 4 days and 7.5 lbs or more. So we’re moving to Little Rock to stay with my mom until he arrives. We don’t want to make that 2 hour drive while I’m in labor – no fun!

Most of the items in Edison’s nursery were re-purposed from family or from our own home, gifts from friends or homemade items from family. We love that there are so many touches of other people in his nursery – grandma’s, grandpa’s, great grands and beyond that. Gifts from around the world, such as Rudy’s blanket from Kenya and Marlo’s plates from Rwanda, plus some of our old knick-knacks from Belize and Haiti. One thing I didn’t show in pictures is the basket of blankets we’ve received, it sits in the corner under the Home Hoops. Over 10 handmade blankets and quilts, each individual and with their own story to go behind it. I love them all so much!


The incredible, hand-penned calligraphy art is by the one and only Hilliary Hallman – check out her store here and purchase a print to support her mission trips to Haiti:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignsByHilliary

All of this to say, THANK YOU to everyone who has blessed us with baby supplies, love and prayer. Thank you for supporting us and loving our little guy before he even takes his first breath.


What are you having? A BOY!

What is the name? Edison Glass Richardson

What will you call him? Edison, Glass or Sonson (his Creole nickname) as well, I’ve heard the Creole nickname Ti Glas or “little ice (glass)” might be used, which is so awesome and hilarious.

When is your due date? Well, we’ve been given two dates, 10/5/14 and then a later date of 10/16/14. With our last appointment, looks like the first date was more correct, we’re currently looking at around 10/7/14. Any day now!

How big is he measuring? Currently 7.5 lbs +

Will you both be travelling? Eric and I are so blessed to be given incredible maternity and paternity leave. Eric will be travelling some in November for work, but we won’t be returning for any long trips to Haiti until March of 2015. I will go back to work after the new year.

What will you do about the baby? Our current plan is to bring Edison with us to Haiti. So if you’re coming in 2015, maybe you’ll meet him!

How are you feeling? Um, large. And oh so tired, but ready to meet this little guy.

Prayer Requests? For healthy delivery and wisdom, patience and all the normal things you pray for new parents!


Edison, we love you so much. We can’t wait to meet you soon!



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