Living With Perspective

On June 29, 2013 by Eric

2012-07-20 10.26.11A good friend of ours from back home has a blog themed around living simply. With our time being split between living and working in Haiti and Arkansas, Ashley recently asked Bethany to write a guest post on her blog to share how spending time in Haiti has affected our lives back home.

Bethany’s response not only answers her prompt, but also and sheds some light on a question we are always asked by the mission teams we lead: how do we deal with transitioning between two incredibly different cultures?

You can find her answer on Ashley’s blog:

Check it out and let us know your thoughts!


3 Responses to “Living With Perspective ”

  • Thank you for sharing and reminding me how blessed I am. Haiti will always have my heart and I thank you both for letting me share a piece of Haitian life with you both. God bless you both.

  • What a wonderfully stated post! I too was disappointed when touching back down in Ft Lauderdale after our amazing trip to notice that even my team mates succumbed to the cultural norm of being glued to their smartphones…the trip was over and the American Noise was back in full swing. Thank you 2 for all that you do for the people of Haiti and for the kingdom!

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