The last 12 weeks – Back at It!

On February 23, 2017 by Bethany

What an awesome 12 weeks it has been!

You guys, I feel energized and giddy with excitement as I am finally back at work! Who knew you could miss work so much? Eric came back to work in January, but this is my first week back. I’m so thankful for my organization and their paternity and maternity leave options. I feel like we’ve had ample time to adjust and make the transition into a family of four!

I wanted to take a minute and catch you up on what we’ve been up to lately.

Mostly, it’s been a whole lot of fun stuff.. like playing with the kids, rocking babies to sleep and watching Netflix. But, we’ve also had about four rounds of sickness in the last four weeks – which is really unusual for us. We are ready for spring and for this sick season to be behind us! I know a lot of folks around here are feeling the same way.

Atticus’ addition to our family has been incredible, and it’s been so much fun to watch Edison adjust to his new role as big brother!

Over the break, Eric (mostly) completed a big side project he was working on for PPM, as well as a few freelance jobs he does on the side.

I took a very purposeful and deliberate step away from my job and focused on our little family, my health, and getting back to my old self physically. It was awesome to be able to spend afternoons reading books at a coffee shop, visiting friends, or just napping with Atticus. REST <—- That’s what I can say was the theme of our time off. Still busy, but a different kind of busy.

One of the things I wanted to focus on while I was out was to hear from God about His plans for our family in the future. We know that having two kids will change our dynamic as we travel, and especially as we are in Haiti. I wanted to spend time asking God hard questions and listening for His voice:

  • Do you still want us in this ministry in this way?
  • Do you still want us serving as a family?
  • Do you still want us in Haiti?

All we heard was a resounding “yes” from God. We know that as our family grows, our service in this ministry could potentially start to look a little different (traveling less, working with mission teams domestically, etc).

For now, we feel firmly placed on the right path–but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! Edison is now old enough to get into loads of trouble and two kids means another nanny, another plane ticket to purchase each time we travel, another little human to keep an eye on, more bags to pack… but also, more life to live!

We are growing more and more excited for the challenge. We know that God has this calling in our immediate future for our family. And we are doing our best to remain open to His leading on our hearts and how He might desire to mold our family ministry dynamic in the future.

With that in mind, we have some prayer requests that we would beg of you to pray along with us for:

  • That God would provide 2 nannies that are perfect for the job for the summer. We are asking Him specifically for one Haitian and one American. (If you would like to apply for this position, message Eric or Bethany on Facebook)
  • That God would begin to arrange our schedule of teams by divine appointment. That we will be leading exactly as He wills.
  • That we can lead our trips with clear minds, wisdom and discernment. That God would continue to grow us deeper spiritually and we will rely on His strength this summer.
  • That He will provide for all of the extra costs of traveling multiple times per year with our whole family.

It feels so good to be back at work and jumping in with both feet!

Here’s a few pictures from our time away. If you want to keep up with our family on the more day-to-day, follow Bethany on Instagram (@bethanynrichardson), since that’s where we post the most frequently.



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