It’s The Little Things

On June 6, 2013 by Bethany

IMG_2422It’s the little things that mean the most sometimes.

It’s the eyes of a community child searching your face for approval after washing the car for you.

It’s the silly faces made by a construction worker with the orphanage children.

It’s the song of our Haitian staff leading the group in worship.

It’s the young  girl feeling judged by the color of her skin for the first time.

It’s the group unified in prayer over the bus driver and his newly born child, hands raised.

It’s the cheers of the children at the orphanage when they hear the bus coming.

It’s when a joke finally bridges language.

It’s when the Holy Spirit makes languages barriers collapse.

It’s the blush of the cook when the team makes a big deal out of a meal.

It’s the soft way a staff member corrects ignorance.

It’s the woman who guides me to a tree a group planted and prays for the three American women who planted it with her.

It’s the security of a Haitian’s hand in mine as I cross the road.

It’s the pastor’s reaction when he sees you in traffic.

It’s the beautiful moment of the Gospel being shared with an unbeliever.

It’s wisdom being bestowed upon my husband by a Haitian mentor.

It’s the bleeding hands of a church member who just washed all our clothes, for free.

It’s the little hands that slip into yours when you aren’t paying attention.

It’s your name being called in the distance.

It’s the recipes being shared over a coal burning stove.

It’s the moment when a young man’s idea of hard work is changed forever by a Haitian man cutting grass.

It’s when a business man takes his vacation to serve.

When an American church returns and is reunited with their partnership church.

It’s the sound of the church in the background.

The giggles after lights out.

It’s the tears.

It’s the smiles.

The laughter.

The love.

The heart.

The Spirit.

The Purpose.

The giving of Life.

It’s the little things that make this life worth living.

It’s in the little moments, we can get glimpses of God.

We see His purpose, His heart. His desire. His passion for us.


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