Get to know Admise (Adelene)

On September 4, 2012 by Bethany

If you’ve been keeping up with us and our travels, you probably have heard or seen Eric and I updating on a woman named Admise (Adelene) who lives in Granbouchi, Haiti. If not, well here’s your chance to get caught up!

Admise is a humble, hard working and God-fearing woman who lives in the fishing village of Granbouchi. Here is my first write-up on her and her situation.

This is from my old blog that I kept up while living in Haiti since January. To give you an idea of where Granbouchi is, check out this map. Granbouchi

Looking at the map, Haiti is shaded white with Les Cayes down in the lower left hand corner. Right in this area is the coastal village of Granbouchi, where the main source of industry and trade is fishing and shrimping. We have a partnership with a local church-plant and school there and do most of our ministry alongside them.

In March, we brought a team down to serve and begin work on Admise a new home! They worked diligently and completed the foundation and walls of the home. Some of the Haitian men came and taught our men how to sling concrete and bricks like a pro! They donated their time and labor for free, something not uncommon in Haiti. You can read about our week here:

After this week of ministry, the team donated enough money to continue the work on the house even while they were gone. Walls were sanded and more improvements were made! Read about it here:

Then lastly, Eric led another group in Les Cayes in early July and they finished the home thanks to the hard skilled Haitian laborers! They even paid for new furniture to be purchased, a surprise gift to Admise. Her tears of joy were a beautiful and welcome sight to the team and the Haitian volunteers. Admise moved in shortly after our team left. Read about the job here:

Even now as we visit Granbouchi, Admise is there, asking about our teams and blessing our ministry verbally as Praying Pelican.

Admise works round-the-clock doing house cleaning, washing-clothes and other odd jobs. She works diligently and hard for her children and cares deeply for those around her. It is relationships and people like this that make what we do worthwhile. Admise was and is not a helpless, sad or hopeless woman in need of “saving” or “rescuing,” but just another person in this world in need of the love of Christ and a helping hand. The Lord blesses us with opportunities to serve and it is our duty to obey Him.

It was such a blessing to be able to work alongside the men and women of Granbouchi to build this home together. It has been a project that has solidified relationships and taught many valuable life lessons to all of us involved.

Praise the Lord, He is good!

We hope this provides a small picture of why we do our job. Thank You Lord for giving us the privilege to be Your hands and feet.


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  • I take a real pleasure reading your blog. I just want you to know that Granbouchi is fine. The hurricane did not hit it. Admise (Adeline) is fine. I am about to give her some cloths and other items that i collected specially for her. I take care personnaly of one of her children who is in the Love and Hope Community school of Granbouchi. I hope that your readers will show their love by helping her.
    i love you both. God bless you!

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