Gearing up for Haiti!

On October 3, 2012 by Bethany

Coming up in a few weeks I’ll be heading back to Haiti for 10 days. 

This trip will be to work on the Life is Hope property.

Three teams from the USA are combining their resources to help continue the building of the outside wall on the property. We will also be doing school ministry and of course, playing with the kids as much as possible!

I will be updating the trip journals for the three teams while we are down there so be looking for those links after I arrive to follow along! Eric will be updating on here for me as well.

As I have begun to prepare for this trip, I’ve been thinking about all of the kids and how excited they are going to be. They have NO idea I’m coming! Neither does anyone else in Haiti except Marlo and whomever reads this blog! haha. (HCO boys, if you read this, you better keep it a secret!)

I simply cannot wait to feel the warmth on my skin and see all my beloved Haitian family. I’ll leave with this:


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