Feeling Overwhelmed?

On October 10, 2012 by Bethany

You know those days where there is more on the to-do list than there is time in the day, not to mention the mental stamina to get through it all? Yeah, this week’s been one of those days.

With such a tough week of loss here in our town behind us and all I have going on its been all too easy to become overwhelmed and full of complaints.

Here my Jesus Calling devotional from today:

Trust Me enough to let things happen without striving to predict or control them. Relax, and refresh yourself in the Light of My everlasting Love. My Love-Light never dims, yet you are often unaware of My radiant Presence. When you project yourself into the future, rehearsing what you will do or say, you are seeking to be self-sufficient: to be adequate without My help. This is a subtle sin–so common that it usually slips by unnoticed.

The alternative is to live fully in the present, depending on Me each moment. Rather than fearing your inadequacy, rejoice in My abundant supply. Train your mind to seek My help continually even when you feel competent to handle something by yourself. Don’t divide your life into things you can do by yourself and things that require My help. Instead, learn to rely on Me in every situation. This discipline will enable you to enjoy life more and to face each day confidently.

Oh how much I fail at that – project yourself into the future, rehearsing what you will do or say. Way to call me out there Lord. I hear You. I must focus on living fully in the present, Your present, allowing You to take the overwhelming moments in life onto Your shoulders.

Eric said something to me yesterday morning that has stuck with me..

“You’re stressed because this isn’t just a job. It is our life. Life means everyday. And [everyday] means it’s life.”

He’s right. We live and breathe this job/lifestyle. It’s my passion, of course I’m overwhelmed. I’m pushing myself to be fully equipped, to make excellent trips happen, to complete all my tasks, to remain organized, to do the best I can. If it didn’t mean anything to me I wouldn’t make quite the effort. It may not seem like much, but it was quite the epiphany.

Thank You Lord! Negative forces may try and blur the line between stress and passion, but I will see the truth. My passion is my life, my life is my passion.

Maybe you are feeling the same way as me. Are you living in the present? Allowing the Lord to take control of Your days?

I encourage you, take some time to sit with the Father. Let Him speak peace into Your life.


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