Christmas Trip #2 Recap

On April 14, 2016 by Bethany

Wow – I need to get better with these recaps! It’s March April!

Better late than never though, right?

So after our wonderful week of Christmas in Haiti, we had another trip start up on the 26th!

Unfortunately, we had an awful stomach virus that hit our team over Christmas and Edison and I both got it on Christmas day, so we were sick for the first few days of the trip. After I got severely dehydrated and passed out, I started taking much better care of myself. But thankfully, neither of us had to get IV fluids. And within a few days, we were feeling much better!

We had a wonderful team that we have worked with many times, FBC Longbeach, come down to serve alongside their long-time partnership in Bertin with Pastor Clement. Can we just say how much we love this partnership?

The interesting thing about FBC Longbeach is that they were once the recipients of many mission teams themselves, after Hurricane Katrina. Their church building was destroyed and they went without a building for some time. During this time, they helped coordinate aid relief efforts for their area and I think it is this experience that frames their entire posture and stance when partnering with Pastor Clement.

They have had the outsiders come to serve in their hometown and try to tell them what to do. They’ve been on the receiving end of well-intentioned but mis-guided aid. And it is this knowledge that provides the foundation for every interaction and action with their partnership church. They ask questions of Pastor Clement, BIG questions, like “what is your 5 year vision” and “how can we help you accomplish that?” and “what is your need from us?”

But this relationship didn’t just poof out of thin air, it was cultivated and nourished – on both sides. Pastor Clement is wholly invested in reaching his community. His heart is humble and his nature is to serve others. He is strong and passionate about his vision for his community and how his church can help meet physical and spiritual needs of the people there. He invests in the men of his church and gives authority to his deacons. He relies on his congregation and he serves alongside our teams. He initiates new ministries, and yearns to grow his congregation deeper with the Lord. He instructs his church to pray for FBC Longbeach.

I got to sit in (for one day out of three, since I was sick) on the women’s ministry these ladies did together and my eyes were wet the whole time I was there. Singing in both languages, hearing testimony from women of each church and how the Lord has seen them through tough times – listening to the devotion about how God has a plan for us women and we must be listening for it. I left empowered by the Holy Spirit, blessed and thankful to have had the chance to be there.

This team served in so many ways whilst they were in country:

  • Tree Ministry and Outreach
  • ASHCA special needs home ministry
  • Bathing and Haircuts ministry
  • Feeding Program ministry
  • Construction
  • Women’s ministry
  • Kids ministry
  • and more!


Eric and I get the great privilege to join in with teams just like FBC Longbeach and lead them through a week in this marvelous, beautiful country. But so much of the time, we end the week feeling far more blessed by the ministry of the week than we could ever give to our pastors or teams that come.

Thank you to everyone at FBC Longbeach and your hearts to humbly serve. Thank you to Pastor Clement for your servants heart. Thank you Lord for orchestrating it all.


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