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On September 18, 2012 by Bethany

This past Friday I had the chance to chat with Cheryl Bell’s EAST students at Cave City High School. Wow, it was an encouraging 2 hours to say the least!

The students have a National Service Project through their EAST class that they are excited about getting involved in. After some introductions, explanation of who I was and a little of what I do.. they explained their vision to me.

It was simply to create something tangible here in the USA in their classroom, that could benefit the people of Haiti. Now, you’re right, that is a broad scope of possibilities. We brainstormed ideas of portable solar panels, filtration systems, art projects, tools, new ways of harnessing electricity, methods of cooling food.. the list goes on. With a very round-table discussion atmosphere if you will, we threw out ideas left and right.

The second thing they want to accomplish is to connect relationally with the people of Haiti. To quote Shanae Snow a 10th grader, “We don’t want to send them something that’s use-less, we want to connect with them and teach each other something.” To build a bridge across two cultures is what they want.. to create something that is not only physically helpful but that can help them obtain a new perspective. The students expressed their desire to understand what life is truly like in Haiti, not just what is on television. To talk with real kids in Haiti and make a personal connection.

I was absolutely amazed at this group of kids. The technology at their finger-tips is incredible, their minds are so open to new ideas and their intelligence is astonishing… but most of all it was their hearts that stood out to me. They share a collective desire to do good in this world, not just to be content living their lives for themselves, but ultimately wanting to make an impact that will last.

Thanks Cheryl and the EAST students. I’m so proud to be a part of what you are doing and so proud to that you are using education and the opportunities provided to you to make a difference in this world, whatever it may be.

Be in prayer for this “ministry” and the students. It’s a perfect example of when you’re open and willing, the Lord can use anyone, any way, anywhere, anytime!


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  • The opportunities are endless, waiting on the willing hearts! This is so exciting for the kids and the people of Haiti!

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