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On February 6, 2014 by Bethany

A Spin of the Globe is a series compiled by Praying Pelican Missions Mission Coordinators and Advocates. Within our individual blogging, most readers only get a narrow glimpse of PPM and our world-wide ministry. Between us bloggers, we realized we never speak much to countries we don’t have experience in – so we are Spinning the Globe. We hope through this series, you can experience another country within (and even outside) the world of PPM and get a taste for ministry that is unique and powerful, in every location. We pray you are blessed.  For more details about all of our domestic and international locations, go here:

Denny is a co-worker of Eric and I, working as a Mission Coordinator in Belize and the USA. I am excited that he is sharing with you all today about Belize and the ministry there. He’s a pretty cool guy, so you should check out his blog as well.


It’s hard to believe that I first traveled to Belize only 3 years ago. The country, and the people there have become such a large part of my life that it seems odd to have only discovered it so recently.

In 2011, when I first was hired by Praying Pelican Missions to go and assist on mission trips to Belize, I only roughly knew which area of the globe I would look in to find the small, mysterious country. In many cases, the people I spoke with about my travels to Belize didn’t know exactly where it was located either or anything about it at all.

Caye Caulker, Belize

However, more recently this country, that has grown dear to me, has also grown in reputation around the world and particularly in the USA, where I’ve seen numerous commercials urging American citizens to “Experience Belize” or even “Buy Belize!” These commercials tend to extol the natural beauty of the country with its barrier reef, rain-forest, mountains, caves, etc, etc – which is completely true and a certain benefit of visiting, but in my experience, is completely peripheral to what truly makes Belize beautiful…

When you’ve stopped at “Em Bones” for BBQ and spent some time at “Church” with Eustace, the wisest man I know, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you’ve gathered an entire village for a private concert with Burton Brooks and the Heavenlies to dance the night away with the Caribbean’s finest Gospel-Reggae music – THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you’ve sat and watched Pastor Ed preaching (pictured above) with his heart out on his sleeves, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you’ve made crafts, played games, sang songs, told stories, and formed bonds with a few specific kids in a specific village day after day for a whole week, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you take time to have dinner with the Edmonds family, PPM’s full-time missionary family and some of the few people I know that are seeking the Lord with everything they have, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you’ve forgotten your license in the States and need to be driven around by your good friend Herman for a week and hear all about his family (including his dog, “peaches”), and what it was like growing up in Belize, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you’ve been led and mentored by Mr. Pastor Mark (inside joke) as you do ministry together around the country – planning, praying, working, sweating, laughing, and learning together, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

When you spend a week in San Ignacio being served and loved on by Pastor Bardalez and his wife “Mrs. B”, who have been ministering to that community for over 50 years, THEN you’ll know what makes Belize beautiful.

Belize is so much more beautiful than a sunset over the Caribbean or the mist that hovers over the Maya Mountains in the morning. Its beauty is hidden just below the surface in the people who live there – the people who welcome you, love you, and change you. I urge you today – please go experience the true beauty of Belize.

Would you like to be a part of a ministry like this? Check out Praying Pelican’s available Belize trip dates or fill out our contact form to receive more information on how you can be a part.

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