A Spaghetti Frame of Mind

On February 18, 2013 by Bethany

Washing feetBig decisions for our future, Life is Hope, HCO, death and life, Parenthood (not the TV show), Work, Family needs, House prep before we leave, Loosing weight, Lent, Juice Fasting, Depravity of the human race, Lunch, Kids in Haiti, Slavery, Adoption, etc.

This is my mind this morning. This is my mind every morning, but today is different.


This weekend Eric and I made a quick trip to Columbia MO to attend the funeral of a dear cousin. Eric conducted the service and it was beautifully done. We got back and went to church only to listen to an excellent sermon on “What happens to those who never hear?” It was wildly convicting and spoke particularly to some stuff Eric and I are going through and some decisions we need to make. Throw in the mix Lent, struggles of leaving for Haiti soon and needing to be in about 5 different places at once every day and you’ve got yourself a little picture of my mind.

I get up about an hour before Eric each morning to clean, cook breakfast and get ready for the day. But not today, I struggled to get out of bed by 7:00. As I cooked Eric’s breakfast, I couldn’t get my mind to stop churning long enough to pray. My heart is so heavy for the lost, the hurting and the broken. Which, in return makes me feel guilty that it isn’t as burdened every day of my life. It should be! I should be on my knees weeping everyday for the lost of this world, for my own sins and corrupt ways.

As I deal with all of this, Eric sits behind me drinking his coffee, playing some upbeat worship music and is starting in on work for the day. He is all smiles, laughing at the dreary day outside and the fact that he just went to the mailbox even though its a Federal Holiday.

He notices my demeanour and knows. He said what he does so often, “I’m in my _____ box. What have you got going on up there?”

He says this because of an old analogy of men and women’s brains. If you can handle the slightly annoying guy, watch this video and get a laugh.

He’s so right isn’t he? I’m continually amazed at Eric’s work ethic when he puts his mind to something. It’s amazing! For me, I’ve got to organize my life to be able to produce quality anything, or I’m all over the place.

So this post is simple. Eric is in his work box and I’m a spaghetti nest of thoughts. I’m going to spend some time in prayer and let the Lord sort it all out. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


6 Responses to “A Spaghetti Frame of Mind ”

  • Praying for you guys! Miss you lots!

  • Praying for you and Eric. We were talking after you left about what a wonderful couple you are and what meaningful work you do. Thanks so much for being here, and just know that you have people who love and support you.

    • Oh Nancy, thank you so much. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your words and continual support. Know that we love and support you as well.

  • Always keep you and Eric in my prayers. You touch so many in such a wonderful way. You serve our Lord and bring His message of salvation to those who would not hear. And ~ you are such a wonderful example of His love. I’m not a big fan of juice fasts Bethany ~ lots of sugar ~ not a lot of nutrition ! Have a blessed Lenten season. Many hugs from me to you.