A latte and a scone.

On November 6, 2012 by Bethany

As we begin this month of November, we want to let you know where we are at financially.

For our overall goal of $20,000, we’ve still got 10 months till August. So let’s look at our short-term goals.

We currently have around 250 unique visitors each month that visit our site. With far more views than that. That’s a lot of folks. Like, a whole lot.

It was and is our first short-term goal to be at $8,000 by December 1st. If you take a second to look over to the right of this page, you can see we are sitting at around $4,300. That’s not far off!

If only 150 of those people do $10 a month, we could have our $20,000 goal in a snap.

That’s a latte and a scone! An album on itunes! 

So friends, we are publicly asking for you to consider partnering with us  in ministry. We know we have many supporters out there and haven’t been very bold is asking for financial support. We know our ministry is of the Lord, so we’re being bold now.

We need $3,700 by December 1st.

Financially we depend on our supporters for part of our overall income that allows us to continue working and serving in this capacity.

Have you thought about donating to us? Have you thought about becoming a monthly supporter?

I’ve realized over the past few months, the majority of people will respond to a sad story that pulls on the heart strings, but I don’t agree with that tactic. I want you to give out of a peaceful place in your heart and soul. I don’t think it is right to play on the emotions of people, especially when asking for financial support.


But what I will do is tell you a little bit of what your support will go towards:

  • The continuing ministry and service of Eric and I through Christ, in association with PPM to love on the people of the world.
  • To the gospel of Christ being shared.
  • To the support of the local church.
  • To the feeding, clothing and loving of orphans.
  • To the care of the elderly.
  • To education and teaching of children. Both in the school setting and in life.
  • To the construction of homes and facilities to help families and people in need.
  • To partnering alongside indigenous peoples.
  • To various service projects that bring the love of Christ into tangible action.
  • To the building of relationships between diverse people groups.
  • To establishing community and long-term commitment between said people groups.
  • To a positive image of Christians and Americans being portrayed in the countries we serve in.
  • To mobilizing churches and groups in effort to concentrate ministry efforts.
  • To not only begin projects but finish them as well.
  • A monthly update on what we are doing and what’s going on in our ministry.
  • And ultimately, to allow Eric and I to eat. Which, some might say is kind of important.


Thank you for thinking seriously and prayerfully about partnering with us financially. If you have any questions, you can find our info on the contact page.

Click the donate button on the right to get started.



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