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22nd Aug

When Partnerships become Tri-fold

Today I wanted to share with you a little story about some special people I know in Duluth Minnesota and Miami, Florida! Just a little glimpse into one of the teams I helped consult this summer!   — What do Duluth, MN, Miami, FL and Les Cayes, Haiti have in common? Genuine Partnership.   — Back […]

16th Aug

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood, (and I sat on a stump instead.)

Dear Life, Why must you always change my plans? -Bethany — Seriously though. Life lately has been changing pace so quickly, I’m not really sure where to hold on for the ride. From getting pregnant in Haiti and flying home the next day due to Zika, then not being able to go back to Haiti […]

22nd Jun

When Life Gives You Lemons but You Kinda Hate Lemonade.

Do you ever have those days/weeks/months/seasons/years where you just want to find a dark closet to hide in and just play pretend that the world and all it’s problems don’t exist? I do. If I’m honest, I’ve had more than a few days of this feeling in the past few weeks. And the best way […]

20th Jun

Breastfeeding – May the Force Be With You.

This post was previously posted on The Kindred Women, but since that blog has since been on hiatus, I’m reposting some of my writings onto our blog here. I hope you enjoy!   I’m only half-­joking with that title up there. Seriously, sometimes I think you have to be half-wizard to be able to breastfeed. Breast­feeding… […]

13th Jun

Trip Recap – Spring Trip #1, Pastor Placide

In March, we were back in Haiti, excited to be partnering with a wonderful partnership pastor in the city of Jacmel. Pastor Placide is one of those pastors that Eric and I have done ministry with in the past, but typically only visiting the orphanage or helping with a project – this was our first […]

14th Apr

Christmas Trip #2 Recap

Wow – I need to get better with these recaps! It’s March April! Better late than never though, right? So after our wonderful week of Christmas in Haiti, we had another trip start up on the 26th! Unfortunately, we had an awful stomach virus that hit our team over Christmas and Edison and I both […]

23rd Feb

Christmas Trip #1 Recap

So wow – It’s almost the end of February and I’m just now sitting down to write this recap. Things have been crazy busy lately, but there’s been a lot of intentional down time as well. It’s been great to be home and put a priority on seeing family, having date nights and just chilling together. […]

04th Feb

The Night I Forgot My God – a mother’s story.

Have you ever had a moment of brokenness that even after it is over, months later, you can think back to and recall perfectly how you felt – and how much it changed you? I have. I want to share it with you today. It’s from 5 days after Edison was born. It’s definitely not the prettiest […]

07th Jan

Week 8 – FBC Longbeach and New Life Community – Pastor Clement and Pastor Valcourt

So wow, sorry for the long pause in these recaps! We just got back from Haiti for Christmas and I am lagging behind on wrapping these up – but no fear, I will complete them today! 🙂 Our final week of the summer was a hectic one! We had some changes happen in staffing due […]

12th Nov

5 Minutes of my Day/Night: Bugs and Belugas

“If you had to eat a bug – what bug would you choose to eat?” – I ask. “Eww! Betani, I don’t eat bugs!” “Bugs are nutritious!” “No, they are dirty and can make you sick!” “I would eat an ant, because it’s so small I wouldn’t even taste it!” It’s late at night and […]

10th Nov

15 Tips for Flying with an Infant

Before the flight: “Oh great, she’s got a baby on board.” After the flight: “Oh wow, I didn’t even know you had him on board!” Our little guy was on 18 flights in his first year of life and believe it or not, he didn’t have a single bad flight *knock-on-all-the-wood*. I think, like with […]

03rd Nov

Week 7 – Longbeach, New Beginnings, Alpha Gamma – Pastor Clement & Sister Mona

Week 7, we were back at it. We had three returning teams coming back to serve, and this year they got to serve together, on one trip.   Alpha Gamma Delta from Alabama New Beginnings from Oklahoma FBC Longbeach from Mississippi This week was cram-packed full of goodness and ministry. We partnered throughout the week […]