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14th Sep

So.. what do we do anyways?

After our presentation at Flatwoods last Sunday, it got me thinking:  while people may know that we are involved in mission work, many may not know exactly what we do.  Since the role we fill isn’t the same as a traditional missionary, this is totally understandable… So, what do we do? The main focus of […]

10th Sep
Presentation #1: check!

Presentation #1: check!

Eric and I had the privilege to speak to Flatwoods Baptist Church in Mountain View, Arkansas last night. This was our first church presentation and it was so exciting to finally be able to begin spreading the word about our new jobs and ministry with Praying Pelican. We gave a brief overview of our story, our missions […]

04th Sep

Get to know Admise (Adelene)

If you’ve been keeping up with us and our travels, you probably have heard or seen Eric and I updating on a woman named Admise (Adelene) who lives in Granbouchi, Haiti. If not, well here’s your chance to get caught up! Admise is a humble, hard working and God-fearing woman who lives in the fishing […]

27th Aug

Update from Haitian Pastors

Many of you may be wondering how the churches in Haiti we partner with have been affected by the storm. Thankfully, we have made contact with many of our pastors and friends in Haiti.  I won’t go into detail on their situations, but you can find a comprehensive list of their reports on the PPM website. […]

27th Aug

A Lesson in Haitian Geography

Why all the worry about mudslides and flooding in Haiti? It’s all about the mountains….

25th Aug
Praying Pelican Missions Logo

Fly like a Pelican

We will be heading out to Minneapolis, MN on Sunday for our Fall Meetings. Pelicans will be flying from all over the USA and the world to join together in fellowship and wrapping up an excellent summer of trips! We will also be gearing up for the fall sales season and getting ready for our […]

24th Aug
Eric & Beth

Hello Family and Friends!

Welcome to our website and blog! This is where we will update our supporters, friends, family and everyone else of our lives! Take some time to click around the site and get used to where everything is located. We will be making a few more changes as we get geared up and get all the […]