28th May

5 Minutes of My Day: Naked Fish

There’s nothing in this world much more universally adorable than a bare baby bottom. It’s one of those naturally beautiful things, the innocence of a little kid. It makes me laugh like nothing else to see those baby buns bouncing along the ocean shoreline or standing in the tub waiting for mom to start their bath. Children […]

20th May

5 Minutes of My Day: Saplings

It’s time for tree ministry with the team. Mango, lime, coconut, orange and papaya. I grab two of the largest coconut trees. They’re my favorite. We’re approaching the next home in the community and a woman about my age meets us at the gate. “Bonjou!” the team greets her with their wide-smiles and nervous laughter. It’s […]

13th May

Spring 2013 Haiti Trip Recap

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I’ve last written, so I wanted to take some time to recap our last trip down to Haiti. While summer is our biggest season for leading mission trips, we always have a handful of teams that come and serve during Spring Break. This year, Bethany and I had […]

30th Apr

The Power of One

Julianna is a young, beautiful, country girl hailing from Jasper, Alabama. She was on a trip earlier this year that we led during New Years (remember the video of the kids opening the gifts??) and like so many others, she fell in love with the children of Life is Hope Orphanage. During our time there, one […]

25th Feb

The Teacher and the Taught

**Disclaimer: I am indeed doing alright. I am not depressed, dealing with a serious illness or with problems in my marriage. However, I am listening to the sound advice of a good friend and allowing myself to blog about the good, the bad and the ugly. Our lifestyle isn’t always easy and I don’t want […]

18th Feb

A Spaghetti Frame of Mind

Big decisions for our future, Life is Hope, HCO, death and life, Parenthood (not the TV show), Work, Family needs, House prep before we leave, Loosing weight, Lent, Juice Fasting, Depravity of the human race, Lunch, Kids in Haiti, Slavery, Adoption, etc. This is my mind this morning. This is my mind every morning, but […]

12th Feb

Behind the Scenes at Life is Hope Coffee

On our recent trip to Jasper, AL, we had the opportunity to tour the roasting facility at Life is Hope Coffee. Our tour was led by Richard Lopez, who is the man responsible for creating Life is Hope Coffee. Richard will be the first to tell you that his involvement in raising awareness and funds […]

04th Feb

Monday Morning Mind Mayhem

I always find myself in this place at this moment. It’s 8:00 am and I’m sitting at my computer getting ready to begin working. Consulting, calls, Haiti ops, emails, itineraries, forms, etc. It’s all looming over me to get done. I sit down, make out my to-do list for the day and then another one […]

28th Jan

Onions, Life and Nail Polish.

Layers. Everything in life has layers. This ministry has so many layers. We aren’t one-dimensional people, we all have layers. Love, Fear, Grief, Joy, Happiness, Tragedy, Anger, Peace.     If there’s anything I can tell you today, it’s that my heart is hurting. Loss is loss, grief is grief and my heart hurts. From innocents […]

17th Jan

Video Re-cap

Hello friends! It’s good to be back! We are home for now and it feels good to sleep in our own bed for a while. Since we’ve been gone so long we feel like we need to update on where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with the […]

30th Dec

Independence Day, Anniversaries and Fireworks!

  This week we have two groups coming down from West Virginia and Alabama. We are going to be (if the Lord wants) completing the wall around the property! We also will be throwing the kids of Life is Hope Orphanage a huge Independence Day/Christmas party on the 1st of January. Independence Day is a […]

30th Dec

It’s gonna be a Haitian Christmas!

Well friends, we’ve passed 5 days here in beautiful Haiti preparing for the Christmas trip of a lifetime! We will be throwing many Christmas parties during the week for various orphanage ministries and in many locations. Follow along as we partner with Americans from New York, Florida and Georgia and serve at Good Shepherd Orphanage! […]