November Recap

On December 7, 2012 by Eric

Yesterday I had a chance to stop by UACCB and see some of the folks I used to work with. My real purpose in visiting was to take care of some business for the online classes I’ll be teaching in the spring, but I had a great time catching up and hearing how the fall semester has been going so far.

It was really interesting how most everyone who came by seemed to ask the same few questions: “How are you doing? Where have you been? Where are you going?”

Truth be told, it was a pretty appropriate set of questions. For us, it has been a bit of a whirlwind of travel this fall. And, since everyone seems to be interested to know, I thought I would post a quick recap of where we’ve been since Bethany’s last trip to Haiti in October.

November was a very busy month of travel for us, which is more the rule than the exception for us these days. I had an opportunity to represent PPM at the Summit Conference in Atlanta, GA on Nov. 9-11. This conference is sponsored by the Youth Cartel and is styled after the TED conferences (very rapid fire, each speaker only gets about 15 minutes to present.. if you aren’t familiar with TED, you should check it out!).

The conference itself was a pretty small event with only a couple of hundred youth pastors. All the talks were themed around the ever-changing culture that youth pastors do ministry in. There were some great ideas presented and we had some great conversations with youth pastors about mission trip opportunities for this summer. Also, jazz ukulele happened.

The very next weekend, Bethany and I returned to Atlanta for a birthday mini-vacation. For my birthday, I got to become a NASCAR driver for the morning. Now, I’m no NASCAR fan (thought I have a healthy respect for V8’s and horsepower), but after making several laps around Atlanta Motor Speedway at 150 mph I must say, it really takes some talent to do what those drivers do!

For Bethany’s birthday, we visited the Atlanta Aquarium. It was actually pretty sweet! Lots of crazy looking fish, whale sharks, a dolphin show, beluga whales, manta rays the size of an SUV… tons of fun for the whole family.

Up next on our calendar was Thanksgiving, which gave us an opportunity to get together with family, catch up on life, and eat some really great food. One of the highlights that week was getting to visit with the Rogers crew while they were in Cave City. We had dinner, caught up on life, and introduced Bethany and Micah to old-school Nintendo. At first they were laughing at how bad the graphics were, but all it took was a couple rounds of Excitebike to get them hooked.

On the tail end of Thanksgiving week, we had a super special treat. Sugarhill, my dad’s old band, likes to get together every once and a while to play music and reminisce on old times. This usually means some good food, great music, and a few laughs; this year was no different!

The last week of November was spent in Minneapolis for our PPM winter meetings. We did a little bit of training and took care of some business, but the main focus for this week was to reflect back on the year and celebrate what God is doing in our ministry. Bethany has already shared some pictures of our trip that week, so I won’t go into much detail. One highlight for Bethany that she didn’t mention was that our donkey statue found a new home during the white elephant gift exchange. He now lives in Duluth, MN and, from what I can tell, has already become great friends with PPM’s commander-in-chief, Matt…

That brings us to the last major event of the month… Milo’s birthday! Milo, our one and only nephew, turned one year old on December 2nd. Ok, so his birthday was technically in December, but I couldn’t leave it out! Happy birthday, Milo. 🙂

So that was our November… Looking forward to a great December!


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