Independence Day, Anniversaries and Fireworks!

On December 30, 2012 by Bethany



This week we have two groups coming down from West Virginia and Alabama. We are going to be (if the Lord wants) completing the wall around the property! We also will be throwing the kids of Life is Hope Orphanage a huge Independence Day/Christmas party on the 1st of January.

Independence Day is a huge deal here in Haiti. Almost a bigger celebration than Christmas! Everyone eats Pumpkin Soup (so yummy) and takes a day of rest from work. It’s the only time you’ll see Haitians not working. One thing the Haitian people love to do is shoot off fireworks and I’m going to the store tomorrow to buy a boat load for the kids! But shhh! It’s a secret.


January 1st is also a special day for Eric and I as we celebrate 3 years of marriage. What better way to spend your anniversary than with 100 children at Life is Hope Orphanage, eating and playing games all day? There’s not one.

Be keeping up with our trip journals here!

The West Virginia team:

The Alabama team:



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