Become a Missionary

Become a MissionaryProbably one of the most frequent questions we receive is “How can I do what you do?” or “I want to become a missionary, but I don’t know where to begin…”

Well, neither did we! In 2008 when we went on our first international mission trip with Praying Pelican, we didn’t expect it to literally change the course of our lives… but it did.

We had been on many domestic mission trips and Eric had been on another international trip to Romania, which you can read further about here in “Our Story.” So heading out to Belize in 2008 was sure to be another incredible experience from spiritual standpoint.

However, it was this one trip that gave Eric the opportunity to return to Belize in 2008 to work with PPM. The Lord was opening doors and Eric was quick to give Him control of the reigns and dive headfirst into the unknown. And here we are, 5 years later working for Praying Pelican Missions, leading the trips that so easily changed our lives.

All that to say, it wasn’t like we filled out a job application or studied at a university to become certified in being a missionary. It was simple – God called and we listened.

So here is our answer to you:

#1. Pray.

Ask the Lord to reveal unto you His will for you. Search out your heart and answer the hard questions: Why am I desiring this? Is this a fleshly desire or God’s will? Can I give up the “ideal” future the world portrays and trust in the Lord?

#2. Tell Someone.

Find a trusted individual who can help you navigate through your thoughts, help you process and pray for/with you. Don’t go through it alone. Find someone who has done mission work in the past, someone who can speak into you and encourage you. Find someone who will pray with you.

#3. Start Now.

Get some solid short-term mission work under your belt. We are so thankful for the many domestic mission trips we had and still do participate in. Ministry doesn’t have to just happen internationally, the mission field begins in your own backyard! This can vary from hours of ministry (car wash, evangelism, window washing etc) to week long trips or 1-3 months living in another area immersed in daily missions.

#4. Listen to the Lord.

So much of our story involves working in the Lord’s timing. Bethany wanted to work with PPM since 2008 but was too young. But, as soon as she was old enough the Lord provided her with many opportunities to serve Him in avenues that fit her perfectly.  So much of the time all we can hear is “no” when the Lord says “wait.”

But as you wait, don’t sit idle. Serve in other ways, learn all you can about your future plans, if you are going to another culture, it’s never to early to begin learning the language. Feed the passion stirring inside of you!

But above all, remember that we are all called to be missionaries of some sort. Look out your window, there is your mission field. Whether you are 8 or 80, we all can pick up trash on the side of the road, volunteer at our local children’s home or simply visit the elderly and shut ins. Start today and be a light unto the world!

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