05th Jun

Floating in the Balance

Friends, can I share something that’s been on my heart? As many of you may know, Eric and I made the decision for me to stay home this summer, due to the advice of my doctor. And while it was heartbreaking to make the decision to be away from our teams, Haiti, staff and Eric […]

22nd May

Spring 2014 Recap

Hey friends! As many of you know, we have been super busy these last few months… from leading mission teams in Haiti to training meetings in Minnesota, it seems like we are only home long enough to pack our suitcase for the next adventure. Just so we are all on the same page, I thought […]

16th May

5 Dirt Cheap Ways to Support a Missionary

So you’re a friend of a missionary? Oh, and you’re broke? But you still want to be a support to them? Well never fear, here’s a few tips on how to support your missionary friends without spending a dime (inspired by our own friends and family, who support us more than we could ever repay). […]

12th May

5 Minutes of My Day: Oh Belido

With a full day’s errands swirling chaotically around me, I put the car in park and knock on the gate. I step into the orphanage–it’s been a whole month since I’ve been here. I rush past it everyday as I complete food deliveries, or get water, or run to town for meetings.. always busy busy. I […]

09th Apr

Mind Your Manners – Foundations for Missions

Are you leading a group on a mission experience this year? First of all, go you! A position that requires a lot of coordinating, prayer, paperwork and patience is not something most people will take on, but you are! I know that things can quickly pile up when it comes to preparing a youth/adult/mixed group […]

31st Mar

My Child- filled/less future

I’ve shared countless times about the struggle within my heart on the topic of children. I share because I know there are women out there like me – women who feel motherhood very real and deep in their hearts. Not like a girl who dreams of a perfectly-kempt home, propping up a kid on your […]

19th Mar
Hacking Haitian Creole

Hacking Haitian Creole

Learning a language is a challenge that most folks quickly dismiss, thinking that they aren’t smart enough or that they don’t have the time necessary to make the progress needed to become fluent. The fact is, learning a language, while incredibly challenging, doesn’t have to be the daunting task that most of us make it […]

11th Mar

5 Minutes of My Day: Dancing Mama

When the house mothers danced their way into the middle of our circle and led us in worship, we danced until we couldn’t any longer. In sweet unity we breathed in the fullness of Christ and grasped tightly to the moment, so full of life.

07th Mar

Wife, Missionary, Blogger…. Mom?

Well friends, you heard it here first. We’re having a baby! We are, indeed, expecting a little one on October 5th, 2014! That’s right, my birthday! We’ve had so much fun over the past 2+ weeks telling all of our immediate family the news and getting to watch their expressions and excitement. Since this pregnancy […]

06th Mar

5 Minutes of My Day: Plants in the Air

The church is hopping, quite literally. I see the orphanage kids begin dancing in their pews, itching to get out into the aisle. The worship leader calls us to “dance for the King, unashamedly in His name!” Everyone shouts praises to the Lord, dancing and rejoicing in laughter. We are fools for Christ.

27th Feb

The Truth Burden – Post-Mission Responsibility

But what will those back home learn from my time gone? Only what I tell them. What will my parents think of Haiti? Only what they hear from me. They trust me, they know me, they’ll take my word for it.

The point being, for you and your mission team, it’s incredibly imperative that you are prepared for the transition back home. Coming home is where the work begins.

19th Feb

5 Minutes of My Day: Different Colors, One People

He tells me, “your skin is not like mine. It is white, mine is black. But we are the same. You cut me? I bleed red. I cut you? You bleed the same.