20th Nov
Sevenly Shirts

Sevenly.org Followup: T-Shirts

Just wanted to post a quick follow up to Bethany’s last post on Orphan Awareness Month. She mentioned in that post about ordering some shirts through Sevenly.org to help support Show Hope, an organization that is “dedicated to engaging the church to care for orphans and reducing the financial barriers to adoption” by helping provide adoption and […]

13th Nov

Orphan Awareness Month – Giveaway!

Edit: This post is from 2012 and is a little out-dated.. we have a new initiative for Orphan Awareness Month 2013, along with a series of guest posts by adoptive mothers. Enjoy! —– It’s our first give-away friends! Everyone knows a good blog needs a giveaway every once in a while! So here it goes! […]

06th Nov

A latte and a scone.

As we begin this month of November, we want to let you know where we are at financially. For our overall goal of $20,000, we’ve still got 10 months till August. So let’s look at our short-term goals. We currently have around 250 unique visitors each month that visit our site. With far more views than […]

31st Oct

Bethany’s Home!!!

As you all likely know, Bethany was gone for about a week and a half earlier this month to lead a mission trip at the Life is Hope orphanage in Haiti. To be honest, I was a little bit jealous.. here I had to stay back home while she went to serve and enjoy a […]

30th Oct

Ah Ji Ji! Ah Ja Ja!

Whoa, what a wonderful trip I had! Thank you all for your concern with Hurricane Sandy, we were fine and safe. All we endured was flooding and high winds. My team was amazing, the ministry was amazing and well, let’s just recap. I flew in late Thursday afternoon to Marlo and Jeanty walking down the […]

23rd Oct

Life is Hope October 2012

Just wanted to make a quick post and say that things are going great in Haiti so far this week! The team I’m working with is amazing. They are working at the Life is Hope orphanage doing construction on the new orphanage and ministry with the kids there. You can keep up with what’s going […]

15th Oct

Children and well.. not.

So as we all know, yesterday was Sunday which means… church! The sermon was about giving your whole life to Christ. That most of the time we think the American dream = the Christian right. That for some reason, since we are Christians we deserve a “perfect” life; a well-paying job, 3 bedroom home with 3 […]

10th Oct

Feeling Overwhelmed?

You know those days where there is more on the to-do list than there is time in the day, not to mention the mental stamina to get through it all? Yeah, this week’s been one of those days. With such a tough week of loss here in our town behind us and all I have […]

03rd Oct

Gearing up for Haiti!

Coming up in a few weeks I’ll be heading back to Haiti for 10 days.  This trip will be to work on the Life is Hope property.  lifeishope.org Three teams from the USA are combining their resources to help continue the building of the outside wall on the property. We will also be doing school […]

25th Sep

Why Short Term Missions?

Sometimes, I have this thought:  why go on a short term mission trip?  As Christians, we are certainly called to have both a local and global perspective with respect to spreading the gospel, making disciples, etc… but with all the time, money, and energy required to go, are short term mission trips really a worthwhile […]

24th Sep

Bye Marlo!

My fro-haired, fantastical friend Marlo is headed back to Haiti.. just a quick post on her behalf asking for prayers! After a brief two weeks back in the States, she’s returning for the last stretch of her year commitment in Haiti. I remember when we hardly knew each other and had our first “date” on […]

18th Sep

Cave City EAST

This past Friday I had the chance to chat with Cheryl Bell’s EAST students at Cave City High School. Wow, it was an encouraging 2 hours to say the least! The students have a National Service Project through their EAST class that they are excited about getting involved in. After some introductions, explanation of who […]