Bethany’s Home!!!

On October 31, 2012 by Eric

As you all likely know, Bethany was gone for about a week and a half earlier this month to lead a mission trip at the Life is Hope orphanage in Haiti. To be honest, I was a little bit jealous.. here I had to stay back home while she went to serve and enjoy a week away. Leading mission trips is really the best part of what we do and doesn’t happen very often outside of the summer, so for her to get a chance to go in the “off season” and lead a trip is really nice break from the ordinary!

So, what did this guy do while she was gone? Well, it was pretty quiet around the house. Just me and Neil, our pet betta fish. Neal is a great companion, but our conversations tended to be a little one-sided…

Anyways, I had plenty of time to make phone calls and work on a some projects I haven’t had a chance to get to lately (mostly nerd projects like my wireless SNES controller and component SNES mod, but I also got some work done on my ’66 Mustang restoration). It was a good break for a couple of days, but after that things got a little boring around the house.

Yes, it’s true.. I definitely missed her while she was gone!

So it’s great to have her back at the house again. Being apart is definitely the worst part of our job, but thankfully we have plenty of time at home together from day to day to make up for those times we have to be apart.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, you should really read the trip recap Bethany posted yesterday, as well as the new album of pictures from her trip. They are both great!


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