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On October 30, 2012 by Bethany

Whoa, what a wonderful trip I had! Thank you all for your concern with Hurricane Sandy, we were fine and safe. All we endured was flooding and high winds. My team was amazing, the ministry was amazing and well, let’s just recap.

I flew in late Thursday afternoon to Marlo and Jeanty walking down the road parallel to the airport walkway. This meaning, they weren’t even at the airport. Haha!

We got a private taxi, drove to Life is Hope B and saw the kids and confirmed the lodging again. It was so wonderful to explain to the kids that the team was going to live there for the week! They started screaming and running around. It was adorable.

Then early Friday morning, our friends Jude Hoffman, Richard Lopez and Alan Beasley flew in for some meetings. We met with Pastor Jean and a company called Build Change and had a few other meetings. Things went smoothly and we settled in for the night at La Maison, a hotel near the airport.

Saturday came and the teams arrived and Richard and Alan went home. The teams were immediately meshing on the bus ride out to LIH B. We spent the night sharing our hearts and worshipping together and verbalizing the vision of LIH with everyone. We ended in a prayer of declaration over the week with the sentence “I believe ________” it was wonderful to hear what was on the hearts of everyone.

Sunday was church, LIH A and LIH B time. Jude went home after preaching in the church on the vision property.

Monday through Wednesday we had school ministry in the morning and in the afternoon worked on construction, planted trees as well as played with the kids on the property. We then continued on to LIH A and then LIH B to call it a day.

Thursday and Friday the rains came in and we visited the Sugar Cane museum since the roads were flooded to the beach.

Then Saturday the last of the team went home and Marlo, Jeanty and I packed in a full two days worth of travelling into 5 hours. Seeing Carrefour, Jeanty’s family, Bwadjout and HCO all before heading back to the hotel to leave.

If you are interested in looking at the week closer, go check out the trip journals, I worked hard on them!




It was such an amazing week and I feel so blessed to have been able to lead such wonderful people. Thank all of you guys for being so flexible, empowering and God seeking! I love you all!


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