About Us


Eric is a mathematician and educator by trade, but now spends most of his days recruiting and leading mission teams in Haiti for Praying Pelican Missions. Born and raised in the hills of Arkansas, he has a solid appreciation for good clawhammer banjo, beards, and a cup of black coffee. He is a quiet man, but has a quick wit and loves learning new skills and ideas just for the sake of learning them.


Bethany is a wife, missionary, writer and book collector. Living and working alongside her husband as missionaries between two separate worlds – small town America and the Caribbean nation of Haiti, she works hard to daily bridge the culture gap between the two. When not in Haiti, she enjoys drinking iced chai and relaxing with a good book. But her heart is most content when she is in Haiti, working to build relationships with children in orphanages and people in communities around the country.



For information on how you can partner with and support Eric and Bethany in their ministry, click here.

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