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18th Sep

New t-shirts – Fall Fundraising!

Alright friends, it’s that time of year! We are selling our yearly Fall T-shirts!     This year we are teaming up with Caroline Bazin and Rudy Bazin and together, we’ve designed a shirt we are passionate about. We wanted to switch it up and offer two shirts, one in Haitian Creole and one in […]

07th Sep

FBC Long Beach and Alpha Gamma Delta Trip #2

What do you get when you ask… 25 people from Mississippi 16 Haitian staff members 15 people from Alabama 5 Haitian nurses  2 local churches 2 local Pastors 2 American trip leaders 1 Haitian doctor 1 American intern …and countless others behind the scenes, to organize and run a multiple site clinic in Haiti for […]

15th Aug

Richardson Family Video!

Hey friends! While we are spending all our time on blog posts recapping our trips and ministry, we also tried to be pretty good about recording our summer from our family’s perspective! I’m in love with watching this though, because it gives me a good look into seeing Haiti from the boy’s perspective. It’s long, […]

08th Aug

Compass Church – Week #1

I feel a little guilty getting to start off our reporting with this first week! Eric and I had the incredible privilege to lead our team from our home church in Arkansas, Compass Church (along with my beautiful Momma)! This is the third year for our partnership in Manze Marie, Jacmel, Haiti, with Pastor Elbarre. […]

27th Jul

We’re back!

Whoa. What. A. Summer. It’s crazy to think that I’m sitting here at home, writing this post. Just yesterday we were packing and planning for a summer in Haiti! We are back here in Arkansas for a little bit until we head north to Minnesota for meetings at the end of the month! And for […]

23rd Feb

The last 12 weeks – Back at It!

What an awesome 12 weeks it has been! You guys, I feel energized and giddy with excitement as I am finally back at work! Who knew you could miss work so much? Eric came back to work in January, but this is my first week back. I’m so thankful for my organization and their paternity […]

10th Dec

One Wilde Night – Atticus’ Birth Story

  “Well, I’d say a baby in the pants is the worst night.”  – slowest ER worker ever “There’s a good chance that tonight’s gonna be bad then!” – me — Before I can tell you the story of Friday, November 25th… I need to back up a few weeks. Back to a normal Tuesday […]

02nd Nov

Pregnancy Post: Nursery and Maternity Pictures!

  Wow, 35 weeks. It’s crazy to think that in 5 weeks (or less?), he’ll be here! Seems like just yesterday I was staring at that positive pregnancy test in Haiti and freaking out with excitement. This pregnancy has been so different and in all honesty, a little more complicated than the last. But it’s […]

13th Sep

Liar, Liar: So what do you DO exactly?

Wow, what a summer it has been for us! It seems wild to think that it is now September and we are stepping quickly into Fall, our favorite time of the year! Pumpkins, bon-fires, smores, layering cozy sweaters and turning on the fireplace – such a welcome change from the swampy Arkansas summer we’ve had! And […]

22nd Aug

When Partnerships become Tri-fold

Today I wanted to share with you a little story about some special people I know in Duluth Minnesota and Miami, Florida! Just a little glimpse into one of the teams I helped consult this summer!   — What do Duluth, MN, Miami, FL and Les Cayes, Haiti have in common? Genuine Partnership.   — Back […]

16th Aug

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood, (and I sat on a stump instead.)

Dear Life, Why must you always change my plans? -Bethany — Seriously though. Life lately has been changing pace so quickly, I’m not really sure where to hold on for the ride. From getting pregnant in Haiti and flying home the next day due to Zika, then not being able to go back to Haiti […]

22nd Jun

When Life Gives You Lemons but You Kinda Hate Lemonade.

Do you ever have those days/weeks/months/seasons/years where you just want to find a dark closet to hide in and just play pretend that the world and all it’s problems don’t exist? I do. If I’m honest, I’ve had more than a few days of this feeling in the past few weeks. And the best way […]